Explore the Advantages of Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization

(Original webcast March 22, 2016)

Digitization is transforming the way companies do business and interact with their customers, enabling them to make faster, smarter decisions. Organizations that fail to embrace this trend risk being displaced by nimbler competitors. However, digitization requires network agility — the ability to design, provision, and roll out new services rapidly and cost-effectively.

To gain this agility, many enterprise IT organizations are actively considering and evaluating network functions virtualization (NFV), once considered appropriate only for service providers. Why? By decoupling network services such as routing, firewalls, and WAN optimization from their underlying hardware platforms, NFV promises to enable near-instantaneous provisioning while also dramatically reducing costs.

Is NFV right for your enterprise? What benefits can you reasonably expect? And how do you make a smooth transition from hardware to software-based network services?

Explore the benefits of NFV for the enterprise in this live, 60-minute webcast. Learn how it gives you the freedom and flexibility to deploy network services as software on any platform in minutes, anywhere on your LAN or WAN. Find out how it can optimize the user experience while substantially reducing both your capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Hear how IBM Germany is evaluating NFV and what they expect to gain from its deployment. Discover the key considerations for implementation. Preview the newest Cisco Enterprise NFV solutions, including:

  • Cisco Enterprise Service Automation (ESA): Centrally orchestrates and manages network services, enabling plug-and-play, zero-touch deployment and automated monitoring of network services, regardless of the hardware platform.
  • Cisco Virtual Network Functions (VNFs): These include virtualized routing (ISRv), firewall (ASAv), application acceleration (vWAAS), and wireless LAN controllers (vWLC).
  • Cisco Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software (NFVIS): Virtualizes and abstracts the network services from the underlying hardware, allowing Cisco and third-party VNFs to be managed independently and provisioned dynamically.

See how these innovations enable you to:

  • Migrate to NFV at your own pace, while preserving your existing network investments
  • Virtualize physical network services using the same trusted Cisco technologies
  • Speed up deployments and dramatically simplify network management
  • Respond rapidly to new opportunities and empower business innovation

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Why many enterprise IT organizations are evaluating NFV
  • Key benefits of NFV for the enterprise
  • Customer perspective: IBM Germany
  • Recent enterprise NFV innovations introduced by Cisco

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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