Cisco Network Insider Series:
Make sure security is in your DNA

(Original Webinar February 28, 2017)

Your network holds the key to defending your organization. It is critical that your security architecture enables your digital network. Cisco Enterprise Network Security allows you to leverage your network as a sensor and enforcer and secure your network with one trusted solution.

Find out how Cisco Enterprise Network Security help you:

  • Gain deep visibility
  • Detect threats
  • Protect in real-time
  • Embed security within your network
Get an inside look at how technologies such as Stealthwatch and Umbrella can transform your network into a powerful security sensor and enforcer. One that is capable of quickly detecting threat activity and mitigating attacks, with little to no hands-on management needed.

You will also learn more about next generation secure network access and know more about who is on your network with Cisco Identity Services Engine – with a live demo.

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Topics to be discussed include:

Trends in enterprise network security

  • The transition to digital networks.
  • Enterprise Network Security.

1) How can I know what is going on with my network at all
times – across all applications, users, and devices

2) How can I defend my network against increasingly complex and persistent network threats

3) What is the best solution to be able to reduce risk and complexity in the network


Technical attendee:

1) How our solution will help you address business challenges

2) What are the latest innovations behind our solution

  • Q&A

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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