Orchestration & Automation: Building an Agile and Programmable Software-Defined Data Center

Event Summary

Analyst data shows that the adoption of clouds is increasing tenfold year over year with a variety of platforms such as OpenStack, vCenter, container, and bare-metal services.

To keep up with this ever-increasing demand for massive, fast speed data, Cisco developed the Virtual Topology System (VTS) solution. The VTS solution is a standards-based, open software-overlay management and provisioning system. It automates data center network fabric provisioning for virtual and physical infrastructure.

VTS is our flagship SDN controller that can solve many technical and business challenges in the data center evolution and NFV space. It uses technologies such as hardware VXLAN tunnel endpoint (HWVTEP) and Cisco Vector Packet Processing (VPP). This SDN controller helps build resilient clouds and NFV service chains that can be easily deployed, managed, and updated, implementing a high-availability cloud deployed and operated from a single interface.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The overall architecture of VTS
  • The major components of VTS
  • Details about the overall VTS solution

Live Webcast February 1st, 2017
8:00AM PT/11:00AM ET/16:00PM GMT